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Archives: September 2016

Gary’s Dudu


Purchased this years ago back in the Sheffield days from Chris. It was my first board. I also had a 5’8″ moster…and early version of the Kisiwa I believe.

Matt’s Mako


The one that started it all…nearly a decade later I’m still here and it stokes me more than I can explain that Lush Longboards are still here too!!

Aidan’s Freebyrd


Great for carving and cruising I have plenty of fun racing down the pavement.

Tristan’s Burner


This is my “go to” everything board.

Blakes Makonga


Got this board second hand. It’s a bit warped now but still rides beautifully.

Alex’s Kisiwa


I’ve ridden it a long time and made modifications she’s a tough cookie and has lasted well. So when the other two dancers fail this still works. I reshaped the tail a bit so I can actually balance on the tip of it. It’s totally ghetto but I dig it.

Josh’s Steezestoker


Love the concave, and the fiberglass sandwich makes the board invincible! I wasn’t so keen on the symmetrical block shape, so I gave it a new surfy one with a subtle swallow tail and pointed nose.

Robbie’s Machine 80’s


Given to me by Southern Fairies General Jonny B for services to Southern Fairies Outlaw League. My first topmount in quite a while as been riding drop down Decks for years. So versatile with the kick tail. I can bomb hills and cruise the beach side promenade or skate to the pub with a slightly.. Read More

John’s Mako


LOVE this board. Does not look so box fresh any more!

Jonny’s Machine 3D


I loved the look of the Machine 3D and the almost flat under-side of the board made it ideal for battery storage.

Joe’s Bahari


It looks great and is great for all-round skating and cruising around the beach front.

Martin’s Legend


Sometimes I need a time out from the stress of the world, so I grab the Legend and go for a skate. I put in my headphones, turn on the tunes and go with the flow. There is nothing better to reduce the stress.

Martin’s Chopper


From Cruise to Techslide and Skateparks this is my everyday Setup.

Martin’s Steezestoker


My favorite board when when things get a little faster. Simple concave not too much and not too little just right ammount to make it the perfect speed board. I prefer more grip, even with Slide Sessions.