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Archives: January 2012

Trade Show Time


We’re in the middle of a pretty hectic week of travelling here at Lush HQ… showing off all our 2012 boards at Bright Trade Show in Berlin last weekend, and getting ready for ISPO in Munich next weekend. And a weekend of snowboarding after that 🙂 If you’re coming to ISPO, all our stuff is.. Read More



We have another new board in the 2012 lineup to show off… the Duder is our stab at a mid-length cruiser. Simple, clean, sexy. It’s slightly rockered for super nice board feel, which also has the effect of lifting the tail a little. It’s not too long – 36.35″ – so you can carry it.. Read More



We went to darkest Devon last night to see Mr Vanstone in his natural environment… making ATV’s for the RNLI! This has absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding at all…. but it’s pretty cool.



Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be mental if you’re into this longboarding thing… there’s already loads of trips and events appearing on the horizon. We’re kicking things off with another new board – the Accelerator! Looking for a rockered, mini freeride deck? Look no further… We took the Elevator and made it a.. Read More