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Archives: October 2011

The Steepest Residential Hill in Europe


…is in Totterdown, Bristol, about five minutes from Lush HQ. So it being a sunny Friday afternoon, we went and skated it. Rob Borek and John Griffiths were, of course, up to the challenge… This is a Symbian… coming next week… This hill pretty much goes like this – stand on your board, shit your pants,.. Read More

28mph Nollieflip


This may seem a little out of place on a “longboard” blog… but we like fast things. Writers Tail Block contest at the UK Skateboard Champs at the new park in Hemel Hempstead (which looks amazing….) Here’s the full write up…



The final protoypes for our Manu Antuna Tribute Deck turned up last week… This is our first rockered speedboard. It’s a bit shorter than the Vandella, with a further refined shape after many late-night motorway conversations in the van between Darren, Chris, Jesse and Rich. If you’ve no idea who Manu Antuna is and why.. Read More

Win a Symbian


On the 16th November, we’re giving away a Symbian Freeride deck. To be the lucky skater that walks away with this beauty, just subscribe to our YouTube channel by the 16th and we’ll put your name in the draw. We’ll be announcing winners here… watch this space!



The weather is looking pretty sweet for Hogtoberfest. XSS and Octane Sport have organised a DH skills workshop, Girls workshop and, Giant Slalom, Downhill Freeride and Mini-Moto racing. With prizes from people like Dangerous Decks, Octane Sport, and Newton’s Shred, it promises to be a pretty sweet weekend of longboarding! We’ll be there with this small.. Read More

N-tense D-centz


We went to the deepest darkest Southwest for some downhill fun with Devonians Matt Elver, Chris Vanstone, Jesse Tighe and Charlie Mason this weekend. It was basically everything you could hope for in a road trip, and a bit more. Pete and Matt, near darkness… In the Vandem… John and Rob contemplating what to throw.. Read More

Symbians and Elevators available for pre-order now


They’re coming… the first batch of Symbians and Elevators is on it’s way, and we’ve made them available for pre-order from Vandem MFG, our online shop. Rich on an Elevator… Both these boards are sweet for sliding and freeride – but if you can’t decide which one you’d rather, read on… If you prefer topmounts.. Read More

Crystal Palace Slide Comp


A pretty decent slide comp when down at Crystal Palace this weekend – around fifty skaters turned up and threw a jam split into “Hard wheels” and “Soft wheels.” Softies was won by Jorge Higgins, and our own Matt Pearce took home the Hard Wheels 1st on his 33.5″ Experimental Slide Proto. Matt, layback attack….. Read More

Introducing – Deluxe Race Gloves


So then… we’ve been making slide gloves for quite a while now. About a decade, in fact. And early last spring, we wondered what would happen if we tried to make a no-holds barred, no-expense spared, price-is-not-an-issue version of our world-famous Race Gloves. And we came up with this – the Deluxe Race Glove. (ok.. Read More