Introducing – Deluxe Race Gloves


So then… we’ve been making slide gloves for quite a while now. About a decade, in fact. And early last spring, we wondered what would happen if we tried to make a no-holds barred, no-expense spared, price-is-not-an-issue version of our world-famous Race Gloves. And we came up with this – the Deluxe Race Glove.

(ok so the name isn’t very imaginative… sorry.)

Basically it’s a standard Race Glove with the following improvements:

  • Kevlar fingers and thumbs instead of the extra leather patches. If you didn’t know it already, Kevlar is really, really strong, and especially good under abrasion. Skating these gloves is a bit like skating with finger pucks in that you don’t have to worry about dragging your fingers anymore, but you still have full dexterity, allowing various abusive hand gestures, sending of text messages, easy rail grabs, etc.
  • We made the puck thicker – it’s 15mm not 12mm now. Still from super-slidey Delrin.
  • We added some silica/amara wrist patch. The wrist area was identified as a possible weak point in the Race Gloves, so we beefed it up.

They’ve been skated for a whole summer and the protos are still going strong. They are not cheap, but we don’t think you’ll find anything better out there.

These gloves, they will make you very happy. Like Darren here.

In shops for the start of November… available for Pre-Order now.