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Archives: July 2011

Lush Race Gloves – The Choice of Champions


Gang of Germany Represent! Ramon Konigshausen, Dom Kowalski and Sebastian Hertler all riding Lush Race Gloves for this year’s IGSA tour. Photo courtesy of Stephan Risch. This is from the Consolation Final at the Kozakov Challenge last weekend – Sebastian Hertler beat George Mackenzie, Ramon and Dominik for fifth place overall. But if this photo.. Read More

First Aid – Head Trauma


If you’ve been skating for a while, the chances are you will have hit your head yourself or have seen someone hit their head. Helmets make a big difference, and if you’re going to skate fast we strongly recommend that you wear one, but they will not protect you from every impact. We hope you.. Read More

Q&A – Chris Vanstone


Just dropped Vanny off at Bristol airport – he’s on his way to race at the Kozakov Challenge. On the way we managed to extract a quickfire Q+A with the ginger ninja from deepest darkest Devonshire… >What’s the best sandwhich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it? Devonshire village bacon sarnie, Local bacon, local.. Read More

Bristol Board Meeting 2011


Come along to the biggest UK longboard event of the year and help us raise more money for Macmillan than we did last year! More info on the Forum and Facebook. Bristol Board Meeting Page



Another week, another mini-cruiser… here’s the Zappa! Cherry and Walnut – we’re using the same layup as the Lopez in this one. Double barrel bushings and flat washers in the truck as standard, giving a super nice divey turn , straight out of the box. Attention to detail – check… Chrome and Lush Red top.. Read More