Q&A – Chris Vanstone


Just dropped Vanny off at Bristol airport – he’s on his way to race at the Kozakov Challenge. On the way we managed to extract a quickfire Q+A with the ginger ninja from deepest darkest Devonshire…

>What’s the best sandwhich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it?

Devonshire village bacon sarnie, Local bacon, local bread, bangin’.

>What’s the best ginger/blonde put down you’ve ever received?

Ginger pussy f*cker, to which I just smiled and said “Thank you very much.”

>Gin mixer of choice?

More Gin.

>What Boards do you skate?

Vandella, Globe Slide, Spooky Evo circe 2001, Vandella 2 prototype.

>What’s the sketchiest takeout you’ve ever ordered?

Lamb Balls, Mongolia

>Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had road rash?

Right Nipple, skating in vests has consequences kids.

>What did you do last Saturday night?

Went to a rave in a field with Jesse.

>A guilty pleasure of yours is:

Bump drafting slow people until they start screaming.

>Describe your life to date in one word:


>An excuse you often use is:

Sorry, my alarm didn’t go off.