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Archives: June 2011



Here’s another new setup we’ve been working on… the greatest mini cruiser we’ve ever created, the Shralper! Small and perfectly formed from cold-pressed 7ply maple , the perfect addition to your quiver. Check the truck setup out… are we the first longboard company to spec double barrel bushings in our stock trucks? These trucks are.. Read More

Back from Wallonhill


A super good freeride – really slick organisation, nice campsite next to the river, fun hill and a good turnout of over 130 riders. Here’s Jesse and Chris on the last straight, courtesy of Travis Horsfall of Heelside Magazine… quick GoPro edit coming soon. Cheers to Longboard Blutcher for organising… we’ll be back!



The whole UK and Factory teams, plus a few “extras,” are heading over to the Wallonhill/Houyet freeride this weekend. That’s nine skaters, five video cameras, and three vans… should be a good’un! Looking forward to seeing you there! Video and wotnot when we get back…

Rainbow Road


Another quick edit from our trip to Spain a couple of months back… Jesse Tighe and Chris Vanstone skating “Rainbow Road.” This hill was too good… super varied with fast bits, tight bits, twisty bits, dangerous bits, with hardly any cars on… we camped up here for two days out of our week. Stoked…



Here’s another new board we’ve been working on… the Lopez. We had a lot of people asking us to make something real simple and stylish in the graphics department… this is what we came up with. Here’s the profile – mini kick makes commuting a little easier and adds a lot of functionality to the.. Read More

Q&A with Jesse Tighe


It’s time for a Question and Answer session with our newest UK rider… If you were a wheel, what size, colour and duro would you be? 13″, black and hard. What’s the best sandwich you’ve eaten and where did you eat it? Bacon, sausage, burger and cheese BellyBuster in a field just outside of Bruton.. Read More



Here’s the details of another new board in our lineup – the Stallion! Big ole’ nose, lots of concave and a tail make the Stallion a proper ATV- happy in a skatepark, on a slide hill, or just bombing to work. Rich spent nearly an hour in the studio trying to do these chrome graphics.. Read More