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Archives: April 2012



We went to the Houyet freeride this weekend. It rained a lot, so the skating was limited but it was good to catch up with everybody again and we still managed to have fun. Check out facebook for lots of wet skating the “party photos” and this write up by Will Clare was was a.. Read More

Fun with a radar gun


This weekend we went hill hunting again… this time armed with a speed trap and remote readout that Mike at Octane Sport lent us. The Elusive Mr Vanstone, Sunday kicks! We’re not sure how accurate these readings are, and actually at the end of the day who cares, but we got some blog-worthy photos so.. Read More



Here at Lush we have a slightly different definition of “freeride” to most people. To us it’s much more than a label to describe “sliding on soft wheels,” as is common these days. When we talk about freeride, we mean “ride free.” To call yourself a “freerider” means that you are unhindered by the terrain,.. Read More

Bomb BoPeep


Signup is open for the UK’s only IGSA event of this year! We’re helping out with full Event Insurance this year, and we’ll be there with all the latest 2012 stuff. See you on the hill!