Here at Lush we have a slightly different definition of “freeride” to most people.

To us it’s much more than a label to describe “sliding on soft wheels,” as is common these days. When we talk about freeride, we mean “ride free.”

To call yourself a “freerider” means that you are unhindered by the terrain, a certain mindset or even your setup. You are free to skate however you want, wherever you want. It’s the ying to racing’s yang.

To us the perfect freeride board is one that will let you be as free as possible. Everyone likes different things from their freeride setups, but we feel that we have got pretty close to perfection with the Machine. Ramps, parks, street, downhill, sliding, slalom even – this board really does deserve the title “all rounder.” Look out for one on a hill near you soon…