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Archives: October 2016

Ade’s Sequel


I’m a ‘heavy weight’ 6ft+ rider so the Lush 4 x Composite construction and adjustable wheelbase of the Sequel was the obvious choice for me. Matched up with Sabre hardware and Cult ‘thane, I’m the ultimate Lush luvin’ whore!

Lush Skater Survey 2016


  We have always been driven by skaters, for skaters. We are a company that has grown with UK longboard community for nearly two decades – we see building skateboards and building a community as one and the same thing. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! As such, we value your input and feedback enormously. We’d be stoked.. Read More

Pete’s Speedbyrd Custom


Currently riding the Lush SpeedBird, microdrop deck. With a wheel base that ranges from 29.5inch to 31.5inch. I have been running it on the 29.5inch this year. For trucks I run the Sabre Cold Forged with 180 hangers, zero rake. I run my back truck with a 5 degree de-wedge taking the baseplate to 33.. Read More

John’s Spacebyrd Day


This came from winning the Riders Rides comp! Thanks to Lush for the prize, and Adam for sorting it out!

Matt’s Legend


I love my New Deck, Legend is correct, Flex has Flow….. 🙂 Awesome Ride………  🙂 Thank you for Fun…:-) Big Up !!!!!!!

Nicholas’ Samba


Well used & loved board, it’s been both a mode of transport and a fun ride, especially effective for navigating the length of Oxford St rapidly. The original Seismic trucks failed after ten years service and replaced with the Gullwing Charger 50˚ trucks, which brought new life to my board, they were smooth and responsive,.. Read More

Tom’s Wizard


My old dancing board re cut for my girlfriend for her birthday! She gets it on Monday…

Steve’s Burner


I have been skating since 1978 and this is the pinnacle of all the boards I have ever ridden. It’s perfect. The rocker is spot on. The concave is perfect for my size 8 feet, the shape, length and wheelbase options are spot on. I may not be the  greatest skater, but this is a.. Read More

LoRaLo 2016 raw run with Martin VerySchräg


Lush team rider Martin has been out and about a lot this summer attending a lot of events and have a lot of fun with his Lush Longboard. Our friends at Big Mountain Skate always put on rad downhill skateboarding events and LoRaLo is just one of them. Here’s a raw run featuring Martin on the LoRaLo.. Read More

Abuga’s Chopper and Freebyrd


I use the Lush Chopper for freeriding, mild downhill and a few flat ground tricks. Its held up extremely well so far and after 3 months of abuse (slamming against curbs and walls) only got its first chip last week lol. Extremely happy with it, can’t wait to buy a downhill Lush deck 🙂 The.. Read More