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Pete’s Speedbyrd Custom


Hemel Hempsted




Lush Longboards Speedbyrd, Custom Sabre Forged Precision, Cult Raptures, and Fatant Bushings

About this board

Currently riding the Lush SpeedBird, microdrop deck. With a wheel base that ranges from 29.5inch to 31.5inch. I have been running it on the 29.5inch this year.
For trucks I run the Sabre Cold Forged with 180 hangers, zero rake. I run my back truck with a 5 degree de-wedge taking the baseplate to 33 degrees and my front truck is running at the standard 38 Degree with two large riser pads under it. I like FatAnt bushings, normally running double 90a barrels front and a 92a deckside and 90a road side in the rear, all with cup washers top and bottom. This gives a super nice ride that is solidly into the stable end of the spectrum, while being able to flow, no jank here though….If I am planning riding fast (100kph/60mph+) I might put a 92a board side upfront too, or if I’m doing those speeds on a rough road I can double 92a the back truck, this does get to tight for normal riding though and you have lost some flow.
Wheels, its ALL about the Cult Raptures. I haven’t wanted to ride anything else for a long time now. If I am freeriding then I go for a set of scrubbed in greens, if I don’t know what to expect on a crappy UK road, whites can suck it all up and make me feel in control, racing? Whites, often with the extra race lip on the back for crazy levels of grip.
Right now I have a foam wedge under my back foot, it nice for the lock in and feels good in tuck. I use Mob extra coarse griptape, it lasts well and can stick to its self if I need to patch it from footbreaking.
That’s my Ride!

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