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Who is Lush?

Lush Longboards is a skater owned and skater run UK based longboard manufacturer. We started cutting decks in a back garden in Bath in 1999, and we’ve been running longboard freeride, freestyle and downhill events since 2001. From the beginning we have seen longboards as an excuse to get out there and see more of the world… hence our tagline – live.. skate.. travel.

In our years of making longboard decks we’ve moved from vacuum bags, PVA, birch and jigsaws to hydraulic presses, epoxy, maple, fibreglass,  and CNC routers. We all skate and we have gained a huge amount of skateboard knowledge during this time – it’s this hard-won knowledge you can feel in our decks.

As we have grown internationally we have increased our support to events and skaters across the globe, and we’re proud to include skaters as far away as Australia and Canada in our extended family.

Our aims for the future are to make more kickass longboard decks and help longboarding grow – the right way.

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Why longboards?

We’ve watched longboarding grow from being a “toy for surfers” into a fully legitimate style of skateboarding. A longboard is just a bigger skateboard, it turns better and rolls faster. This means that they are more accessible, better for transport, and set up right, can be used for all kinds of “serious” skateboarding – downhill, slalom, street, parks, bowls, freestyle, freeride and sliding. Once you try one, you won’t look back…

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So why should I buy a Lush board?

Because we are all skaters here, we spend many, many hours perfecting our product where it matters – on the streets, in the skateparks and on the hills. We are different to many other longboard companies out there, often producing shapes that seem strange at first glance, but stand on one and you’ll see what we are doing. We are constantly searching for new technologies and producion tweaks to perfect our construction. Almost every run of decks will have a small shape tweak or layup change. We have been making longboards for a long time, we’ve seen many different production methods and many factories – we use all this accumulated knowledge to produce the finest decks we can.

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Which Free Bushings should I choose?

We give away an extra pack of Sabre Bushings with all our completes – Free!! Click here for help choosing the right ones!

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How do I choose which one suits me best?

Deciding what you want to do with it is a good start. Do you need a kicktail? Would you like a super low ride height with rocker or a drop-through? Space for bigger wheels? Longer wheelbase for a more predictable slide but less grip? Something super stiff for railing sweepers? Flexy for smoothing out the ride? Or short and light for chucking about your local skatepark? We make most things… check out our quiver here.

If you need more help check out the Which Longboard Is Best For Me page in the Workshop!

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Where can I buy a Lush board?

Most good skateboard shops online and offline worldwide can get our stuff – hassle them to get in touch with us! You can also buy online directly from us.

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Will you sponsor me?

Send us an edit and we’ll see! We generally don’t sponsor skaters if they come looking for us… just skate and have a good time, we’ll find you.

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I am a shop or distributor and I want to stock your boards – help!

We have distribution worldwide. Email or call us and we will get our products to you!!

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Can I have some free stickers?

Yes!!!! Send us an S.A.S.E, we will fill it up with stickers and send it back to you!
Don’t know what an S.A.S.E is? Click here!

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Contact us

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Call us :
(+44)117 933 2833


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Arch 4 Berkeley Court, Earl Russell Way, Lawrence Hill, Bristol BS5 0BX, United Kingdom


Spainish Addess :
No 28 Juncon, El Chaperell, 29110 Monda, Málaga



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