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Abuga’s Chopper and Freebyrd






Lush Longboards Chopper,Paris V2's with Venom Bushings, and Cult Converters. Lush Longboards Freebyrd, Sabre 180mm Hollowlites,Sabre Bushings,and Cult Centrifuge

About this board

I use the Lush Chopper for freeriding, mild downhill and a few flat ground tricks. Its held up extremely well so far and after 3 months of abuse (slamming against curbs and walls) only got its first chip last week lol.
Extremely happy with it, can’t wait to buy a downhill Lush deck 🙂 The converters are really nice wheels, the slide is super predictable and the hookup is smoooooooooth.
The freebyrd is new new so will let you know how it goes.

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