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Lush Longboards Dagyr

About this product

14.5" - 15"
100% Canadian Hardrock Maple
Oldschool radial concave
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

The Dagyr is our Radical Pool Shape that doubles up as a retro cruiser.

We say “Radical,” because we remember the Eighties, and we remember what skateboarding is supposed to be.

Shred the bowls

The Dagyr is built to shred, flow, slash and gleam YOUR favourite skatepark.

We’ve been through quite a few decks getting this one just how we want it. 9.25 x 31.125, with a meaty tail, a nose you can trust, and two wheelbase options at the front.

A big, mellow, foot-friendly concave is about the best board feel we’ve found in a deck like this.

We don’t see why all skateboards should look the same.

The best skateboard is the one that makes you want to skate, even just looking at it.

That’s why the Dagyr looks the way it does… we just made a board that makes us want to skate more.

Artwork drawn by our bro Ben Williams @ Tempocide


The Dagyr also makes a totally righteous cruiser setup and kerb skater.

Wheelbite is a bummer. So we put wheel wells in, so you can run big, soft cruiser wheels relatively low without getting stressed about it.

That massive tail makes it super easy to pop an ollie up or off anything in your path. We haven’t tried a boneless over a car yet but it probably goes.

Pump Track Slayer

Set up with softies, the Dagyr also makes an awesome pumptrack shredder.

Pumptracks weren’t invented in the Eighties, but they’re still awesome, and probably radical as well. And this is the shred sled for the job.

Flow or go home, bro.

Whether you’re getting rad at your local concrete bowl, or bombing to the shops pretending it’s 1983 and you’re on a newspaper round again, the Dagyr is the board for you.

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Lush Longboards Dagyr Features...

  • 7 Ply Maple


    Denotes 7 plies of Canadian Maple – generally pretty flexy on most longboard wheelbases.

    7 plies of Canadian Maple has been the standard skateboard layup for decades. Used on a longboard with a longer wheelbase, it gives a nice mellow flex without adding too much weight to the deck. Maple is amazingly impact-resistant compared to cheaper woods, returns energy better and holds it’s flex for longer. If you’re using wood alone without any composite additions, you won’t find a better material to make longboards out of!

  • Adjustable Wheelbase


    Several of our longboards feature a lot of wheelbase adjustment. We drill in several truck mounting options to allow you to change this all-important dimension of your setup to suit your riding style. Longer wheelbases increase stability and flow, shorter wheelbases increase grip and turn. Decks with a lot of wheelbase adjustment also feature longer wheel wells to match.

    An adjustable wheelbase also allows you to choose the size of your nose and tail – so you can transform your deck from a longer downhill machine into a shorter freeride deck with a tail for ollies and kickturns. Click here for more info!

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