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Lush Longboards Fuel

About this product

28.5" / 72.4cm
7 Play Canadian Maple
Concave with kicktail
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

The Fuel is our mini cruiser.

At 28.5″x8″, it’s a whole lot of fun and performance, in a pint-sized package.

We haven’t made a mini-cruiser like this for a long time – the Fuel is named after our first ever mini-cruiser that we shaped way back in 2003.

Smaller, faster, funner

The Fuel is a great alternative to a full sized longboard. It’s aimed at kids and smaller adults, or, if you need something ultra-portable and affordable, and don’t mind the smaller standing platform.

We press these boards with no nose at all to maximise the space for your feet.

The concave that’s there is very mellow, which makes it more comfortable over long distances. No 3D wheel flares here!

A decent kicktail makes the Fuel fully ollieable, making it the perfect urban cruiser board.

15.5″ wheelbase is a wee bit bigger than other cruiserboards of this size, as we have a flat nose we figured we might as well use the space for a slightly more stable and forgiving platform.

Drum sanded wheelwells keep the wheelbite down and the wheelsize up! The Fuel will take a 65mm wheel with most truck and bushing setups, which is more than most other mini cruisers out there.

Choose Your Setup

We build the Fuel up with aftermarket Cult Wheels and Sabre Street Trucks.

Too many cheaper skate cruisers ut there just use no-name or own-brand components. With the Fuel you will get a premium setup, no matter which one you choose.

Hit the streets on the Fuel, you’ll love it!

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Lush Longboards Fuel
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