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Lush Longboards Slayer

About this product

  • Length36.6" / 92.9cm
  • Width9.875" / 25cm
  • Wheelbase28.25" / 71.5cm - 29.9375" / 760cm
  • Tail0.825" / 2.1cm - 2" / 5.1cm
  • ConstructionTwincore Composite
  • ProfileFront-loaded Microdrop
  • FlexRace Stiff
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Slayer is the fastest skateboard in the world.

This is the deck that Pete Connolly had under his feet when he set the Skateboard World Speed Record of 91.17mph.

It has been in development for over ten years. If you have seen Pete skating in the last decade, it’s likely that he’s had an ancestor of this deck under his feet.

The Slayer is built from the ground up to go fast. It’s strong, stiff, damped and responsive.

To achieve this, we used Twincore construction – two Poplar cores with Ash stringer, sandwiched between two layers of the finest fibreglass on the planet.

If you have been with us a while you will remember this construction from legendary production speedboards like the Revolution, or the numerous prototypes and experimental setups that have been on this hills for the last decade or so. This time we’ve added ABS bumpers front and rear for a little extra impact protection.

If you’ve met Pete on a hill and chatted to him about gear or technique, you’ll know he is a supremely technical skater. Pick up his board and you will see it there, too. Every last millimetre of this deck is to his specification – dimensions, outline shape, concave, wheelbase options, stiffness, weight – all a result of countless miles of downhill skateboarding, all over the world.

Like us, Pete is all about board feel. The exact profile and shape of the board is designed to fit his body shape and skating position. A subtle microdrop drop-down profile creates a pressure point under the toe of his front foot and support for his back foot, giving a rocker-like “cradle” for the tuck he’s spent so many years developing.

The Slayer built for bombing hills, not going backwards – it’s not just a directional shape, it’s a directional profile and concave, too. Pressed in a custom mold, the dropped section of the deck is “front loaded,” meaning it’s much closer to the front of the board than the back.

This creates a much more aggressive body position, right over the front truck, and creates a “Gas Pedal” for the back foot, perfect for railing heelside sweepers. Combined with the “hipped” shape, the back foot has a solid foundation from which to push off, allowing the skater to really attack the road. The Slayer is built for full-throttle downhill.

The Slayer is a perfect reflection of Pete’s style and achievements. The story of its creation mirrors the evolution of his skating. Pete has defined UK downhill skateboarding for as long as we have been making boards.  If you want to go fast – this is what you need.

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Lush Longboards Slayer
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