The Steepest Residential Hill in Europe


…is in Totterdown, Bristol, about five minutes from Lush HQ. So it being a sunny Friday afternoon, we went and skated it. Rob Borek and John Griffiths were, of course, up to the challenge…

Rob Borek

This is a Symbian… coming next week…

This hill pretty much goes like this – stand on your board, shit your pants, do a slide, keep sliding for ages, hope there’s no cars coming, slide to a stop and get off…

John Griffiths

Allegedly it is the steepest residential road open to motor vehicles in Europe, with a gradient of 35%!!

Rob Borek

John Girffiths - Steepest Street in Europe

There’s more on the Flickr.

It’s amazing what’s right on your doorstep sometimes… go and find some fun!