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Archives: September 2016

Michael’s Samba


Lush Samba board think it came out about 2010 who knows, still a good board still love it.

Jonny’s Kisiwa


My chosen old skool set up is the Lush Kisiwa I was hacking about on in 2009. Being still new to longboarding back then, I was fascinated by the shear size of this board and fell in love immediately. Most of the time rocking the Holey Trucks and Lush Avalanches or some Gumballs. I experimented.. Read More

Neal’s Fuel


It’s my go everywhere board. Super carvey, super pumpy, with a kicktail so I can drop off curbs. Small and portable– probably the shortest longboard Lush made…! 😉

Greg’s Samba


Bought this board when i turned 40. I’d not skated in decades but wanted to try out longboarding. Chose lush due to their rep and quality. I would never part with my samba. My son uses a Lush pinnacle, which is nice but it’s not got the carve or flex ability of the samba. It’s.. Read More

Ade’s Globe 35


‘A couple of old lushes’ Still hanging out at Stockwell with the occasional member of the Sunday Brixton breakfast club. The other deck is Levs globe 33. Viva lush

Mabon’s Freebyrd Surf


About your board: My board is amazing, it has given me so much joy. I had so much fun with it in France over the summer. I have so much control when going fast, and when cruising. This board is the best board to get, and by far the best board I’ve had in my.. Read More

Luigi’s Steezestoker


Got this deck direct from the Lush guys when the Headquarters still had the awesome test facility spot in the front garden. Swag included.

Luigi’s Antuna


What can I say about a board inspired by the “tuck” inventor (not Dr. Ray)?

Luigi’s Shocker


It’s probably my favorite board after the Grifter. From 16km downhill drops to Sunday afternoon sessions, that was my weapon of choice.

Harry’s Chopper 3D


This board quickly became my favorite board because its so versatile and feels great bombing down a hill, doing skids and also likes being chucked around a bowl an being airborne every now and then!

Harry’s Zappa


This board was my first Lush cruiser with a few tweaks, has also been used hard in bowls and on ramps! Its also been used as an engine trolley and still going strong!

Adam’s Lush Kisiwa


Ideal for a cruise to the pub in style! Turns heads wherever it goes.

Adam’s Antuna


Strong, stiff, fast, fun and named after a legend. Served me well for many adventures!