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Jonny’s Kisiwa






Lush Longboards Kisiwa, Holey Trucks, Abec 11 Gumballs

About this board

My chosen old skool set up is the Lush Kisiwa I was hacking about on in 2009.

Being still new to longboarding back then, I was fascinated by the shear size of this board and fell in love immediately. Most of the time rocking the Holey Trucks and Lush Avalanches or some Gumballs. I experimented a lot with this deck and can remember fitting three Khiro bushings to each truck to create this amazing surf like feel on the hills. I skated it everywhere, bombing hills, cruising town, dancing in the rain, pretty much done it all with this deck. I think i even did a Cocknowle Outlaw race heat on her. It wasn’t just me whom got to enjoy her carves. Back in my house share days I purposely left her lent up against a house mates door, to tempt him into starting to skate. It worked and he would often jump on it late at night for a cheeky push about. 7 years later he is still skating. Not happy with just one of my mates she decided to offer herself out to another one of my mates, as his board had been recently stolen and we cant go letting people be boardless!

A particular memory of mine is walking into a packed student pub, propping her against the bar as I had done countless times before. However this time she wasn’t quite propped and as I was ordering my cider her, 55″ mass slipped straight to the floor with a massive bang. Silencing the pub with every mofo in the joint stopping to look at me. No one really cared and I still got my pint, it was just funny how it happened. At least everyone got to see the sexyness which is the Lush Kisiwa.

Whilst we are here chatting about old gear I would like to quickly mention the Lush V4 slide gloves. These things rocked! Everything you need in a slide glove, reinforced knuckle protection to deal with scooter kids, more stitching than a years subscription to knitting world and Ploylywhatsitnate pucks ( the stuff they froze Han in) which never died. Very good gloves.

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