Steezepony Q&A


Continuing our series of team Q&A’s, here’s a quickfire round with our South African ambassador… Gerhard Nel.

Brittany Fine Pic.

Favourite Lush boards?
Pinnacle for steez and Machine for sleez.

Current set up?
Pinnacle, 200mm gog’s and Cult Cerebrum or Zilla depending on grip; Machine with Caliber 44’s, riser pads and small converters. Lean-orientated setup of Fat Ant bushings on both boards. My go-to board 95% of the time is the Pinnacle with Cerebrums. We are friends.

Chosen terrain?
Long, steep and windy.

Best sk8 events?
In SA its all about racing – we don’t have freerides yet. The race scene is unique and inclusive with a real family vibe. I love my downhill family. Internationally I aim to attend all freerides, ever.

Worst injuries?
Lots of soft tissue injuries but nothing serious.

Plans for the future?
Combating dumbness and overthrowing right-wing governments.

Ideal day consists of….
A big van on a rad hill hot weather with a few other peeps and unlimited petrol. Fridge full of beer and lots of deep fried chicken. After that a tent in the shade with a river and fire and a primitive braai.