Lush Freeride Glove updates


We’ve just done another run of Lush Freeride Gloves, with a few small improvements… the most obvious of which is a smart new black colourway!

The gloves also feature the same double-stitched Coats thread as the Deluxe Race Gloves….

…and we’re also using branded Velcro to make sure your pucks stay on!

Unlike the Race Gloves, we have included velcro finger pucks to help you learn to slide. Once you get sliding and predrifting down you’ll find that you’re able to hold your fingers off the ground, but before you get to that level, you’ll need finger pucks!

The latest batch of gloves has a Scotchlite reflective back for better visibility in the dark or twilight.

These aren’t just for beginners though… Matt Pearce swears by the Freeride gloves, here they are being used to full effect…

More info and available to buy online here!