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Lush Longboards Freeride Gloves

About this product

Lightweight, breathable synthetics
Double Stitched with Coats(tm) Thread
Knuckle padding, finger pucks
Other Features
Reflective stripe and logo
Intended use
Freeride, learning to slide

You asked for it and here it is - the all-new Lush Freeride Glove. We've been making Longboard Slide Gloves since 2003 - and we took all those years of development and came up with this!

Lightweight, breathable construction with removable palm and finger pucks allows for the perfect Freeride and Slide Glove. Like the GT Race Glove, we've made sure that the glove is well fitted, giving you protection where you need it, without sacrificing functionality and protection. If you're an occasional hand dabber or dragging out the monster laybacks, this is an ideal, affordable alternative to making your own Slide Gloves.

Developed with many years of input from sliders, racers and longboarders everywhere.

X-Small, Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Approx. Glove Size XXS XS S M L XL
Hand Span Length 18cm 18.5cm 19cm 19.5cm 20cm 20.5cm
Hand Span Width 9cm 9.5cm 10cm 10.5cm 11cm 12cm

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Lush Longboards Freeride Gloves Reviews

Freeride Gloves ★★★★★ 4.5 ( 2 reviews)
5 1

Lush Freeride Gloves Review

5 5 1
First ever slide gloves. Impressed by the quality, price is no indicator - these are well made and should last if I'm not too careless. The fit is excellent, have faith in the size guide measurements. The gloves fitted snugly but not tight, plenty of dexterity. The slide plates are in good positions, felt a bit weird for a newby but soon became natural. I wasn't aware of wearing them minutes into first use. In terms of sliding, well I got a Coleman going - first ever - and felt safe & in some sort of control. Good piece of kit.

Lush Freeride Gloves Review

4 5 1
These are all round strong and durable gloves. My only quibble lies in the finger pucks, yes they add protection for new skaters but they can breed the bad habit of finger dragging. I would recommend these for new skaters due to the excellent price, the wonderful construction and longevity of the pucks, just remove the finger pucks to avoid learning bad habits. Happy skating.

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