“Skate fast every day!”


We recently added Brazillian skater Luigi Russo to the Lush Team. While we’re putting the finishing touches on his edit, here’s a quick Q&A, with Rafael Fazano asking the questions…

Q: Athletes have to eat health food to have high performances. What’s the food you eat before bombing Brazilian hills!?

A: I love italian food, but now my favorite is the British food!

Q: What was your first skateboard?

A: My first skateboard was a legend! I toke a old peace of wood and i did a weird drop-through longboard. My friends called it as FRANKENSTEIN!!!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the best setup to Downhill and to Freeride?

A: I try to use all possible setups each day but i usually like to use drop-through decks with Cult Death Ray for high-speeds and i love use top-mount decks with Cult Classics or Cult Converter to Freeride.

Q: A bird told me that some friends call you as “DOCTOR”. Why?!

A: Hahahaha… i have this a.k.a because i have a singular opinion of each skate part available on the stores. A lot of friends knows that so they always ask my opinion before buy any skate parts!!!

Q: Hell yeah! Now we know why you have a big know-how about skate parts! Do you always connect to internet forums checking the reviews of the latest parts launched by the brands to learn how they work? How do you do?!

A: In the reality i do not like to search for informations based on opinions from skate forums because i think that every skater have a unique riding style. The best review can be only done by ourselves, so when i see a different skate part i test it!

Q: If you could select any hill to bomb, what would you select?!

A: Well i’m waiting the lottery results to see how much money i won to start my own downhill park with the hill of my dreams hahaha. While this do not happen i’m going to highways outside the city or on Bagiru Avenue where i learned to ride.

Q: To finish, what words of insight do you want to tell for the up-and-coming longboarders around the world?

A: Skate fast everyday!