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Luigi Russo

Luigi Russo
Home Town
São Paulo
Lush Steezestoker with Forged Sabres and Cult Traction Beams
Darryl Freeman, Natas Kaupas and a local rider named Everton.
All Along the Watchtower by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Guilty Pleasure
Sometimes i drink Lager Beer (Sorry Adam)…
Pet Hate
Probably asphalt patches.
Refreshing Beverage
It’s ok to say Gin Tonic? 
Words of Wisdom

Taking care of business for us in Brazil… super fast and super stylin.  Luigi is a big Teutonia fan, high speed is his game with over 70mph on the clock. Back from injury this year, ready for more!

Latest Rider News

Back from the Fracture

Earlier this year, Luigi (our Brazilian teamrider) messed up a line on an open road and broke his tibia in six places. This video is his first speedrun for over eight months! Here is his story… Welcome back bro!! “One day my friend Rafael Fazano called me in a midweek holiday in the early (work.. Read More

Luigi, Sequel, Teutonia

Here is what 70mph in Brazil looks like. Luigi Russo, leaving the filmer for dust on his Lush Sequel, at the fastest hill on the 2012 race tour.