“Skateboarding and longboarding is the same…”


Q&A with Our latest Swedish recruit, Erik Erlandsson… thanks to Yasmine Magnusson for the questions and Fredrik Blomqvist for the photos!

Q – Best hill you’ve ever skated?

A – Rödkullen up in Åre in the north of Sweden. It was a 4km run with nearly no cars and only 2 curves. It was super sweet looking out over the landscape and going 70kmh…

Q – Favorite downhill/freeride setup?

A – I think my favourite board is the Lush Shocker… Its skinny tail makes it fun to just throw out in some quick slides! That and Caliber trucks with some Venom bushings and Abec11 Grippins 81a, I love those wheels, I should get another set… Although I just got a new complete Lush Legend with Sabre trucks and Cult wheels, so I will just have to see how that performs!

Q – Worst longboard related injury?

A – It must’ve been either when I broke my arm in two places or when I broke two bones in my ankle. Now that they’re both kind of healed, I think my arm sucks the most. Those metal plates are more uncomfortable, and I can’t fully stretch it.

Q – Favorite food before/after skate?

A – There is this pizza place right next to the local longboard shop, Kahalani. I don’t know the guy’s name so I just call him Dimitri, but his chicken wraps are sooo good! Mad props.

Q – Who/what got you into skating?

A – I’ve been interested by skateboarding since always, and got my first mini-skateboard when I was 6. My brother and his friends started building and selling longboards, so I got one of those back in 2006. I didn’t realise you could do so much more with a longboard than just cruise until 09-10 or something (freestyle, freeriding, downhill…)

Q – 3 things you want to do before you die?

A – Ride Maryhill, skydive and land an airplane I boarded as a passenger… Hopefully I won’t die doing any of those!

Q – What do you think about the “hate” between longboarders and skaters?

A – Skateboarding and longboarding is the same, we just ride in different locations… Stupid people annoy me, it doesn’t matter if they are skaters, longboarders, pedestrians or car drivers.

Q – Who inspires you (longboard related) ?

A – My friend Isac Printz is a real inspiration source. He’s very young and he was on “training camp” in Australia this winter. Just trying to keep up with him is a challenge!