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Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex

About this product

  • Length45.75" / 116.2cm
  • Width9.4" / 23.9cm
  • Wheelbase29.5" / 74.9cm
  • Tail5.62" / 14.3cm
  • Construction6ply 100% Canadian Maple with X-Flex
  • ProfileRockered 0.75"/1.9cm with kicks
  • FlexFlexy
  • Speed/Race
  • Cruise/Carve
  • Slide/Freeride
  • Bowls/Street
  • Dance/Flatland

The Board

The “Legend” was the name of the first ever Lush longboard, shaped all those years ago in a Yorkshire cellar. It’s latest incarnation is a longboard “dancer” shape, refined over the years to be slightly shorter, lighter and stronger than previous versions.

It’s perfect for some mellow cruising, and it’s ideally suited as a longboard dancer too.

Shape and Profile

The Legend is fully symmetrical in shape and profile to make dancing tricks like flips and shuvits easier.

Using a custom rocker with kicks, we’ve shaped a long standing platform with plenty of room for your footwork and dancing moves.

Rounded, steep nose and tail makes this deck much easier to pop into the air than a lot of similar-shaped longboard dancer decks.


Fibreglass Longboard Construction

This deck uses our signature “X-Flex” construction, a composite sandwich of hardrock maple and two layers of bi-axial fibreglass, laminated together with waterproof Epoxy Glue. Lighter, stronger, with a springy flex.

X-Flex gives a better energy return, giving an awesome carving, pumping feeling through turns that will be familiar to wave and powder addicts.

Longboard dancers will find it takes more abuse than a regular maple deck, holding its pop for longer, surviving rail impacts better, being more resistant to snapping under heavy impact.

Choose your setup

We build the Legend up Cult Wheels and Sabre Trucks.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the deck as good as we can make it – so putting no-name or substandard branded trucks and wheels on it would be silly.

You can choose your setup depending on your budget. If you’re planning on doing a lot of dancing, the Elite setup with Sabre Forged Precision Trucks is worth checking out – it turns on a sixpence and those trucks are bombproof.

Longboard Dancer

With a super-comfy Rocker Profile with solid kicks and both ends, a simple but functional shape, wheel wells to keep things low, this is the perfect dancing deck for all those tigerflips and Peter Pans.

We have shortened things up a little, making the deck slightly easier to get off the ground and more maneuverable for flips, turns and spins.

The strong X-Flex construction allows us to loose a ply, making the deck thinner and lighter than before, so it’s even easier to chuck around.

Dancing Longboard Griptape

New for this year is a fresh die-cut grip job, with grip on the nose and tail where you need it for kickturns, shuvs, flips and ollies, and down the rails for grip whilst cranking the board over through a turn.

We’ve left the centerline free of grip entirely to make spinners, pirouettes and pivot tricks easier.

Ideal for Cruising

The Legend makes a perfect cruiser board if you’re looking to stand out from the rest with a longer deck. All the ingredients for a mellow ride are there – plenty of flex, light deck weight, long wheelbase, turny trucks and softer wheels – it’s spot on. Get one under your feet today!

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Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex Features...

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Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex Reviews

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Legend X-Flex
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Stephen Silides on Legend X-Flex

For its price this is the best dancer on the market, though like someone said the high kicks make it a little more difficult to tame than some other dancers out there. My one grievance is this: it's not that durable. This is to be expected as it's a whole hell of a lot cheaper than most other quality dancers, but please! Do what you can to make this deck more durable (less delamination, less easy to chip) and I'd never consider skating anything else ever again.

by Chris on Legend X-Flex

When I buy a dancing longboard I'm looking for some specifics: -1st the Flex: I need to have a board with flex in order to pump, to feel the flex in a curve... and to dance. For me the flex, it s like a drug (like the noise of spring)... :P. May be it will be interesting to have this board with diferent weight is 93kg ;) -2nd The size and the width: I'm 1m92 tall and the size of my foot is 46/47cm so it's for me important to have enough space to walk on it easily and not on the other foot or wheel or the ladybird taking the sun... :P (this board gives stability close to trucks in order to freeride, downhill or get stuck :P...) -3rd The use of the board: The board I buy has to be "multipurpose boards" Freeride, pumping, dancing, cruising, slide....and also to be able to look at it thinking What a beaufitull, charming, sexy .... :D -4th The design of the board: if it's thine, with some round, fishy, long, sharp, flashy... I know what you're thinking I not talking about a girafe :D -5th To have a tail, a nose tail or not: in order to tricks a lit bit with my foot or feets, to pump up the volume of the "Tac"... :P

by Alex on Legend X-Flex

This is a great board for dancing crosstepping, longboard tricks and also has enough spring to get you down the bike track on the pump alone. I sometimes feel it could do with some reverse camber on it just to give it that extra spring and boost but the flex is good even if your a big 15 stone man like myself. It's nice and light and great to throw around which is essential. It has started chipping around the side. I think maybe they could fully wrap the rails to help with this issue.

by Ataraxia on Legend X-Flex

Bought this board 3 months ago and I love it. It's everything you can wish for and more! I chose it mainly for its design but the performance is awesome as well. I use it almost daily to commute to work or get into town at the weekend.

by Burpo on Legend X-Flex

I was lucky enough to win one of the original Legends in a competition back in 1999 which is still used to this day! If the current one is as good as the original, it'll be tops!

by Lou on Legend X-Flex

Hi, I'm a french guy who's using it every single day since 1 year in Paris, for both dancing/freestyle and cruising. I'm just in love with it, and I'm proud to say that thanks to it I reached an honorable level. Kicks are perfect, flex is perfect, pop is perfect... It's a demanding board, but when you tamed it, it's pure fun. As a dancing rider, I'll just have two things to wish on your next version : longer, less concave. If you do that, it will be the perfect dancing board (IMO). It's probably not in your plans, but please let me dream.

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Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex FAQ's

  • Question: Can you kickflip the Legend?

    - Yes, you can! The steeper tails make it surprisingly easy. Give it a go!

  • Question: How flexy is the Legend? What's the weight limit?

    - It's pretty flexy. We'd put 16 stone/ 100kgs / 225lbs as a max weight, although you could get away with heavier if you didn't leave the ground too much.

  • Question: Can I put my Blood Orange wheels on the Legend?

    - Yes, of course! We build these up with 66mm Cult Classics or 65mm Cult Chronicles, any wheels around the 60-65mm mark will be perfect on the Legend. A nice centerset wheel with a stoneground finish in 65mm will be spot on. Something cheap like a Mindless Longboards Haraka 66mm would be enough to get you rolling, but a branded wheel like Cults, Orangatang Keunus or Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs will be much faster and smoother.

  • Question: Can I use my Paris Trucks on the Legend?

    - Yes, they will work well! Any high-angle (47-50 degree) truck will be good. The Legend has quite a long wheelbase, so you want something that turns a lot at lower speeds. We build them up with Sabre Standard or Hollowlite Trucks, but Paris, Bear or Caliber trucks will definitely get the job done.

  • Question: How does the Legend compare to the Loaded Bhangra?

    - Although they're both "dancing" boards, there's quite a few differences:

    The Loaded Bhanga is longer, heavier, has a flatter concave and much mellower kicks. So if you prefer a flatter concave, the Bhangra will feel nicer underfoot - however, if you want to slide or do more technical dancing tricks that involve ollies or flipping the board around, then the Legend's steeper kicks, shorter length and lighter weight will help. More concave also makes the Legend easier to slide.

    The Loaded Bhangra uses a combination of cork, epoxy and resin, while we're using a more traditional Epoxy, Maple and Fibeglass. This makes the Legend a bit "springier" - wether this is a good or a bad thing is up to you!

    The Legend has a healthy dose of rocker along it's length, the Bhangra is much flatter overall

    The Loaded Bhangra is a directional shape (with a definite "front" and "back", while the Legend is totally symmetrical.

    We'd recommend 65-70mm wheels and high angle 180mm trucks on either deck.

  • Question: What is the width across the truck bolts, roughly where the axle would be, please? Thanks.

    - The deck is 7.6", or 19.3cm wide at the truck axle.

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