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J’s Samba and Kilima






Lush Longboards Samba , Seismic trucks with white super soft springs 3DM Avalons. Lush Longboards Kilima with Holeys

About this board

Bought both decks at the same time as imports from the UK and built them up complete using the factory specs. Built a board rack at the same time as the overall collection was getting out of hand 🙂

Lush Riders Comments

  1. Do you use the seismic trucks with springs on your samba .
    I notice that the new sambas don’t have these
    I wonder if they are still enjoyed
    Or not favoured any more

    - Rich
  2. Hi Rich. We don’t use the Seismic spring trucks on the Samba anymore. We found that set up with super-soft springs, they tended to undo themselves due to the design of the kingpin, and we’d also seen some hanger and baseplate structural failures. This is probably because we were putting the truck through some stresses that Seismic didn’t really have in mind when they designed it more than anything else.
    We hunted around for ages before figuring out the current truck setup – super soft bushings in a low angle Sabre baseplate has less slop and a smoother and more “fluid” turn. The Siesmics always felt a bit “mechanical” to us – which was not the feeling we were really looking for.

    You can read more about the new Samba truck design here.

    - Lush Longboards

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