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Jooz Hughes

Home Town
Bristol, UK
Grifter or Steezestoker with some Cult Neurothane and Forged Sabres
My skater bros (you know who you are)
Anything chilled like reggae and liquid d&b
Guilty Pleasure
Antique programs
Pet Hate
Being unprepared / under thinking
Refreshing Beverage
Tea!! The healer, the redeemer, the OOHH Yeaaaah
Words of Wisdom
The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

30mph olly, grass bank boneless, five sugars per tea, double layer tracksuit, frontside 360’s and a big smile for skateboarding… welcome to Jooz’s world.

Latest Rider News

The Evolution of a Longboard Deck: Machine 3D X-Tuff

All our longboard decks are a product of many miles of skating, redrawing, pressing and cutting, experimenting with different constructions, and then more skating, until we have things exactly as we want them. Our search for the best shapes and profiles started way back in 1999, and has been ongoing ever since. We’ll never stop finding.. Read More

Jooz and the Machine 3D at the Sliders Skate House.

Jooz and his Machine 3D have just moved out to stay with the dudes at Sliders Skate House in Tenerife for the Spring. Tenrife is a longboarding paradise – epic roads for days covered in infamous wheel-eating asphalt. He’s just sent us this epic edit, filmed by Martin at the house with a drone and follow car… Read More

Jooz ,Machine 3D and Salsito House.

If you’ve been following us recently you might have seen Lush TeamriderJooz out and about on a mysterious new Lush deck shape. Recently he took it to the Salsisto house in sunny Spain – and judging by this footage he came back with, the prototyping is finished! Props go to Pablo Quiles of #Gnarlicante for this edit… Read More

Grifter 3D with Jooz in Barcelona

UK Lush Teamrider Jooz Hughes stopped off in Barcelona to visit our good friend Axel Serrat with a protoype of the upcoming Grifter 3D… this is what they filmed.

Jooz chooses...

Throttle X-Flex