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Jorge Pernes

Jorge Pernes
Home Town
Speedbyrd Custom, Sabre Forged Precision, Cult Emperors
Awesome people
TRAP music
Guilty Pleasure
Give a fart in an elevator and say loud and clear, “I had a son!”
Pet Hate
People not laughing after I farted in the elevator.
Refreshing Beverage
Words of Wisdom
Talk with Gandalf.

Everyone’s favourite Portuguese ripper! Jorge is without doubt one of the finest freeriders Portugal has yet produced, bringing infectious enthusiasm and mad standup style everywhere he goes. We hope you meet him at a freeride soon… it’ll be a meeting you won’t forget in a hurry!

Latest Rider News

Jorge skates Hospital

Jorge Pernes hooked up with his buddy Porkito from Timelapse Media to film this edit at one of his favourite spots – Olivera du Hospital. Jorge is ripping on a Machine 3D.

Jorge Pernes finding shade

It’s been pretty hot out in Portugal recently so with that in mind Pernes felt the need to go find himself a little cover. Knowing exactly the spot to hit he grabbed his Lush Longboard  and set off for one of his favorite local spots.

Closed road joy

Pernes is always hunting for new and fun places to play on his Burner. His latest find is 14% and traffic free closed road it’s going to get skated a lot this summer….

Burning with Classic 666

Pernes ate his own weight in chocolate eggs and celebrated Easter the only way he knows how….full speed maximum attack. Check this video to see him shredding on his Burner at one of his favorite spots.

Summer Classics

Pernes and his Burner are at it again. Big skidz and big grins.


Pernes with his Burner just hitting a another local spot of his. This time with a little added high speed tree hugging for good measure.  We can assure you no trees were harmed in the making of this edit….well maybe just a little bit.

The Burner

So here it is…the Burner. Lush team rider, rad dude and all round nice guy Pernes gives you the lowdown on the newest addition to our range. Straight up hauling ass or giant powerslides, the Burner has got you covered.

Burn out

During Ekstreme sport Veko week in Norway Pernes  and his Burner were taken to a few spots by some friendly locals. 18% gnar!!!!!

I don’t drive I roll

Our friends in Portugal just sent us this sweet little edit of young ripper Becas going fast and getting sideways on his Steezestoker. Big thanks to Pernes, Loboska and Cactus distribution for this edit.

Why Grip When you can slide

With his trusty Steezestoker in hand Pernes went searching for a new playground and found this place.  It’s now his new favorite spot.  Watch the edit and you will see why.

Hide and Seek Raw

After hearing about a 4.4km run featuring 3 villages, 3 hairpins, oily corners, cracked pavements, and a healthy gradient  to boot not too far from his Lisbon home, Jorge Pernes decided to grab his Steezestoker and give it a razz. He managed to grab this footage while he was at it.

Pernes Mystic Forest run.

Pernes took advantage of the recent nice weather and took his Steezestoker out  for a good thrashing at one of his favorite local spots. Spring is certainly here so time to get out there and shred.