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Cal O Cal

Callum O’Callaghan – Daft
Home Town
South Eastern Victoria, Australia
Chopper 3D – Bear Billets, Parks – Standard Chopper, Polar Bears
Community, travel and the pleasure skating brings
Almost everything, but three artists the i will always love, Johnny Cash, Neutral Milk Hotel, Andrew Jackson Jihad
Guilty Pleasure
Spiced rum, Gin, Sugar and Ke$ha
Pet Hate
Scooters and people who are more into the Insagram side of skateboarding
Refreshing Beverage
Gimlet, Amber Ale or a cool Vietnamese coffee
Words of Wisdom
Do your best to enjoy what you do, do it for your self and help others along the way

Our bearded antipodean ambassador shreds had and drives fast! Check the Chopper, Spacebyrd and Machine for his favourite sleds.

Latest Rider News

Cal’o’Cal Rally

We love our Aussie team rider Cal. He is a full on petrol head as well as a shredder. In this edit we actually manged to capture his inner monologue while he skates this rad hill on his Chopper 3D. ….yep that’s right rallying pace notes!

Welcome to the Lush Team – Cal’O’Cal

Our latest recruit, Callum hails from Victoria Australia, and tears a new one in pretty much any skate terrain in his path… List of sponsors: Lush Longboards, Hemley Skateboarding, Hillside Leathers, Bonehunter Bags. Favourite Lush boards? The MACHINE! and the Throttle. Current set up? The Lush Machine, Precision Bears and Rads! Favourite terrain? The un-skateable!.. Read More