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Harry Phelps

Harry Phelps
Home Town
Loads! Favourite 2 are Spacebyrd with Indies and STF’s, and a Chopper 3D with Forged Sabres and Cult Chronicles.
Everyone I skate with
Old skool rock and reggae, but while I’m skating just the sounds of grinds
Guilty Pleasure
Crashing into scooter kids
Pet Hate
Scooter kids
Refreshing Beverage
Coke or a cuppa tea
Words of Wisdom
Skate harder and faster!!

Harry Phelps is our youngest team rider… a shredder of all terrains, skateparks, slalom, downhill, he is down with skateboarding in all its forms and is getting pretty good at most of them. One to watch…

Latest Rider News

Interview with Harry Phelps

If you came to the Calne Bowl Jam, Vandem Freeride or the Bristol Board Meeting, you will have seen a (very!) young man absolutely killing it on all forms of skate terrain. Harry Phelps has skateboarding of all kinds in his blood, be it a hill, a pool or a ramp, if you put it.. Read More


Long-time followers of this blog will have seen a few photos of Harry, Matt, Darren and Mark skating Lush “Expermiental” skateboards for about two years now. We finally got them to the level of perfection we were after and pressed some… Seven plies of Cold Pressed, Canadian Hardrock… no beech, birch, bamboo or any other.. Read More

Bristol Board Meeting 2012

(Full size image here, share and tag yourself on facebook here!) ….it went off!!!!! This isn’t everybody, the fisheye couldn’t get them all in! # Bacon sandwiches at the halfway cafe… We think about 250 skaters turned up for the 13 mile push from Bath to Bristol. By the time we got to HQ, there.. Read More

Vandem Freeride Media Overload

What a weekend!! And huge number of runs, an epic party on Saturday night, can you feel the freeride good vibe? A huge thanks to all the Marshals, Skirmish Paintball Centre, Cry Havoc, the residents of Pennsylvania Road, and everyone who came and made the UK’s first freeride so special! There are a few more.. Read More

2 dayz wiv AZ n’ RV

Little ripper Harry just sent over this edit . It features him and his buddy Harvey skating a backyard mini . Followed by a cheeky sesh at One Minet Park in Saffron Waldon . Props to Harvey Thompson for putting the edit together . Nice one boys

Harry / Zappa

Harry has been down Saffron Walden on his Zappa again… Thanks to Kevin Broadbent for the photo! More from Harry soon… keep an eye on his team page for more updates.