Bristol Board Meeting 2012


Bristol Board Meeting 2012

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….it went off!!!!! This isn’t everybody, the fisheye couldn’t get them all in!


Bacon sandwiches at the halfway cafe…

We think about 250 skaters turned up for the 13 mile push from Bath to Bristol. By the time we got to HQ, there was a huge slide jam in progress, with Mark Short and Will Edgecombe judging.

Harry boosting the launch ramp!

Slide comp winner AJ Bonner killed it!!! Here’s Mark filming him shortly before faceplanting the gate at the bottom on his way to first place! Edit on the way soon…

We’ve never had this many people in the yard… ever… Thanks to our UK distributor Shiner for letting us do this again!

2nd place at the slide comp went to Joe Baldwin…

So far we’ve raised nearly £3,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, with more on the way! Please donate your sponsorship money here!

A huge thanks to all our raffle sponsors and everyone who came along for the day to show their support. See you next year!

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