Interview with Harry Phelps


If you came to the Calne Bowl Jam, Vandem Freeride or the Bristol Board Meeting, you will have seen a (very!) young man absolutely killing it on all forms of skate terrain. Harry Phelps has skateboarding of all kinds in his blood, be it a hill, a pool or a ramp, if you put it in front of him it will swiftly be destroyed…

Harry Phelps

We sent Jorge on a mission to interview Harry a little while ago… here’s what he came back with!

Jorge: To Start with, tell us a little about yourself.
Harry: Howdy, I live to skate pretty much, I started at 11 and have been skating for about 5 years now. I got into it by trying it and loving it haha!!! Erm yeah and I like skateboarding of all disciplines: Slalom, bowl, DH, freeride, tech sliding, a bit of street and crayons.

J: Crayons?!?
H: Yes indeed they taste lovely.

J: Haha oh yes, I do agree, especially the green ones. So you do nearly all forms of skateboarding then, do you have a particular few that stand out to be your favourites?
H: Ahh the green ones ha. Bowl and ramp is my main bag, as that’s the thing I focus on the most and am best at, but slalom and tech sliding are my other main two which I’m loving more and more!

J: Ah yes, you are well known for these disciplines, especially bowl and ramp. Do you have a particular favourite place you like to skate? Preferred bowl, etc?
H: my favourite place to skate is probably Saffron Walden!!! 3 amazing bowls with fun shit around the edges all in beautiful concrete.

J: Sounds pretty sweet! Skating bowl for the first time can be pretty scary, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to have a go at it?
H: Indeed it can be! The only advice really is to just keep practising flat out and try new things when you feel ready. Also don’t give up trying or you won’t get very far!

Harry Phelps

J: So tell us, what would be your perfect day of skating?
H: It would be a trip to saffron all day with lovely sunshine and great mates to skate with, eating crusty rolls, McDonalds and crayons hahaha!

J: Earlier you mentioned you liked to eat crayons, other than that do you have another preferred skate food to get you going during a session?
H: haha yes I do! I love crusty rolls, about a day old so that there lovely and chewy!! And good old McDonalds.

J: Hahaha definitely sounds like the healthy option! So referring back to your wide range of riding styles, which is your go to/ preferred board?
H: The board I like the most is probably my lovely Spacebyrd (Night), as I spend the most time on it. But there’s nothing like going for a wiggle on my slalom setup. My next favourite board is my Lush Duder which is the ultimate carvey board to chill on.

J: What’s the stupidest/ most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
H: Probably doing a nose manual in front of a car and slamming haha, or falling of whilst trying to attack little scooter shit!

J: Ah yes those little scooter kids are a pain, so before we wrap this up is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?
H: big shout out to my sponsors: Lush Longboards, Vandem MFG, Vikings Of Skate and all the other rad people that I skate with and make it fun…. And Crayola!

Harry Phelps