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Jonny Braund

Jonathan Braund
Home Town
Poole, Dorset
Many and varied. Typically Sabre CF38 180 +3 on a deep concave solid warp inducing top mount that likes a bit of sideways. Today that comes in the form of The Lush Pinnacle rolling on yellow Creators.
As in who I look up too or the reason I skate? I’ll answer both. Adam Colton is an obvious choice along with James Kelly and Louis Pilloni, for their work toward advancing fast progressional Freeriding and Longboarding industry as a whole. Closer to home the guys @Lushlongboards are doing the exact same thing. There are so many good riders out there and I’m not just talking skill level, but good riders that put in the extra effort behind the scenes. Its thanks to them that shit gets done. They are the people that should be most admired. As for the reason I skate, That’s a little more selfish. I do it cause I like it, more then that, I frigging LOVE it. Life can get low from time to time, but the feeling I get from riding will always bring me up. It takes focus away from real life, the 9 to 5, the bills, the worrying about what to watch on telly. All those worries for the world simple vanish the moment I ride. It feels good.
Again many and varied. Aslong as its got good beat or Ive had a few I’ll give it a little jive
Guilty Pleasure
Skateboarding in a no skateboard area
Pet Hate
Ignorant drivers and Littering Chavz
Refreshing Beverage
Words of Wisdom
“Fear no Gnar” “gotta take the rough with the smooth” “everything will be ok” “have FUN”

An original UKDH outlaw legend, the shredder from Dorset always has a smile on his face. We’re stoked to have Jonny riding our decks, he’s a father to his local scene and an inspiration to anyone who knows what giving back to longboarding really means. A nicer person you could not meet!

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