In the spotlight – The Symbian 3D


The Symbian 3D is probably our most popular longboard, with good reason – it does pretty much everything, suiting everyone from beginners to more advanced skaters. Good for beginners learning to slide, snowboarders and surfers wanting to get into longboarding, or more advanced dancers looking for something to work on their flip tricks and tighten up their cross-stepping – there is something here for almost every skater.


The “Symbian” name has a lot of heritage here at Lush Longboards. The first Symbian prototype was prized from the presses way back in 2010, the first Lush shape to feature Rocker Profile. Since then this board has been reshaped, redesigned and re-imagined quite a few times – the latest incarnation of this classic longboard is the best yet.


We haven’t strayed too far from the original concept – a medium-length drop-through longboard, with a symmetrical shape, rocker, relatively stiff construction, and most importantly, kicks at both ends. It’s the lowest riding board in the Lush Quiver thanks to a combination of the 3D Rocker and a Drop-Through truck mounting. This makes it a perfect beginner board – low is easy to push and footbrake, more stable at speed and more controllable in a slide. It’s also very popular as a more technical “dancer” setup, those mini-kicks make flips and spins a lot easier.


The Symbian 3D showing off its curves…

So what’s new in the Symbian 3D deck? The most obvious change is the length – it’s shorter at 39.5,” giving a tighter turn and it’s easier to get off the ground. It uses a 3D Rocker Profile, a deeper radial concave than before with small wheel flairs right at the end of the foot platform. In short, this board feels nicer under your feet, it’s lighter, more maneuverable, and less likely to get wheelbite. It’s our recommended board for beginners and experienced skaters alike looking for a longboard that will do a bit of everything – be it cruising around, dancing, flip tricks or learning to slide.


Those 3D Flairs are a subtle but noticeable addition to the Symbian shape.

The Symbian 3D is available as a deck or a complete direct from us in the UK, or from your nearest Lush Longboards Stockist everywhere else. There are two graphics options – the “Blue Stain” and the “Woodgrain.” You can’t go wrong with this one!

Lush Longboards Symbian 3D

Jonny Braund puts his Symbian 3D sideways at a local spot…