Bristol Board Meeting – this weekend!!


Lush Longboards Bristol Board Meeting

We just passed our target of £2012.00 raised for Macmillan!!! Thanks to all our sponsors and all who have donated!!!!

We have also had some help from the Toronto Board Meeting, which happened a couple of weeks ago with over 1000 skaters in attandance – Mike “Smooth Chicken” Mcgown has this to say:

“‘Greetings on a beautiful, sunny fall day in Toronto.

I hope everyone is still buzzing from the stoke that was Board Meeting 2012!

Sponsors donated hugely this year, and we were able to raise $1600 with the raffle!

The Board Meeting, in the past, has been able to help out groups like The Hilton Byrne Foundation, and with site maintenance fees for the Ontario Longboarding Forum. Like us for Hilto
n or OLF, the Bristol Board Meeting also raises raises money, for Macmillan Cancer Research.

This year, it has hit closer to home. Darren, one of the organizers in Bristol, has had his son diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although they are raising money for the research foundation, that money rarely ever finds its way to those who are suffering. It pays doctors and receptionists.

This year, we will be donating $500 to Darren and his son, so that they can afford to continue living, travelling the 800 miles a month for chemo, and managing with medical expenses.

We are paying it forward like this, because The Board Meeting, “…all started with a dream.”, and what way to continue that feeling than to make one come true.

The rest of the funds raised will be used for next years event for some surprises that those of all ages can enjoy.

If anyone has any concerns or ideas for next years event, we’re always open to hearing what you guys have to say!

Peace out everyone, only 349 days until we turn it up to 11!

Darren and Casp, our stoke is with you!'”

See you on Saturday!! Keep donating and let’s see if we can DOUBLE our target!

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