BtB freeride in Australia


We got to hear about a charity freeride that is being run in Australia next year. It’s for a great cause and looks like a lot of fun. We thought we would ask Ado of Cre8ivesk8 for a few words just to explain the whole deal.

We run a Chraity freeride down here called Beat the Bastard (BtB). You guys asked for a few words on it so here goes.

Beat the Bastard is a downhill freeride event held annually in Townsville Australia, the event raises
money for various cancer-related charities (the bastard we are beating being cancer). We have been
running BtB for 4 years now and have raised just over $63,000. It has always been a 2 day event on
one of Australia’s premier hills, Mt Stuart. Next year, 2013, this has been extended to 3 days and we
estimate that the transport vehicles will do over 100 runs up the hill, so you could do over 100 runs
back down, but I doubt anyone would be up to it. Mt Stuart is a great hill, the run is about 2.5km for
the skaters and 2.8km for the luge/G-bikers. It combines fast straights with tight, technical corners
and sweepers.

Here is a video of the hill

If you are sick and tired of all the bullshit posturing and politics of the IDF/IGSA stoush, want a
chance to ride a great hill with riders of all disciplines in the warmest, friendliest atmosphere
you have ridden in (it is like going for a run with your best mates) where you can get more runs
than you can handle and witness all the best that Tropical Australia has to offer (yes, the Great
Barrier Reef and Rainforest are just a stone throw away) then put us in your calendar. June 8, 9, 10
2013. Registration will be limited to a maximum of 70 riders total and will open on January 14th.
Tech Inspection will be to IGSA 2012 Rulebook or the Universal Code and you can see more at

Here’s hoping we can tempt a few of you cooler climate riders downunder with the promise of
maximum temperatures in the low to mid 20’s C and minimums in the low teens. Gotta love Winter
in the tropics.

If anyone has anything they’d like to ask, drop me a line on and I’ll be
pleased to help