Lush 2016 DH Race


We are super proud to unveil the latest Downhill deck in our lineup – the 2016 DH Race!

With a ultra-trendy 10″ wheelbase for “Gangsta Grip” this board is packed full of features, including:

  • Pre-Chopped Tail – no need to blunt your dad’s woodsaw!
  • 20 different wheelbase options – customise your ride like never before!
  • “Impaler” nose – why play nice at the races?
  • Flushmount drop-through – because we needed to justify the investment in our CNC machine!
  • The Biggest Wheel Wells Known to Mankind – banishing wheelbite forever! Tested to work with all wheels up to 65mm, who runs bigger than that these days anyway?
  • Aero Fins – to go with your Aero Helmet, this board reached the sound barrier in our in-house wind tunnel!
  • Camber, Rocker, Camber and more Rocker Profile – we like Camber. We like Rocker. With this board, you can have both, twice! Your feet won’t know what hit them!
  • Double-double-drop – for a ride height so low, you’re actually below the surface of the road!
  • “Accelerator” Pedals – We’re a British skateboard company, so we fill our cars up with petrol and diesel, not “Gas”. So we have “Accelerator” pedals at the nose and tail, plus an extra pair in the middle, just in case!

Check your local skate shop for this radical new shape, coming soon!