“How can I possibly put this amazing vibe into words?”


Our own Fee was part of the team who made the Women’s Longboard Camp happen in Slovenia this summer. Here is her report… Thanks Fee and Petra for the photos!!

Sixxa Women's Longboard Camp

“I’m lying in my van, tired. Two days since the end of the women’s camp. People are arriving for the KnK freeride in drips and drabs. People keep asking me “So, how was your camp?” Ho hummm good question, somehow I cannot define it? We started planning here in Osilnica nearly a year ago. It’s been eight days since Christine and I sat on the little wall outside the hotel being completely overwhelmed by the arrival of the 31 participants. Christine turned towards me and whispered “Fee, look at all these girls, they’re here because of us!”

Fast forward to last Friday. I am standing on top of the mountain, surrounded by 35 girls, with one eye laughing and the other one weeping. Tears of joy and hugs all around. I could spend ages writing about the breath-taking surroundings or the insane road that snakes its way down into the valley. Rumour has it that a roar went through the Swiss Skate Van, our shuttle, on the first drive up… but let’s boil it down to the facts. What’s a typical day at the camp like? My alarm is informing me that it’s 7am argh dammit…I stumble outside just in time for the morning yoga session followed by a big breakfast and then straight up the hill. Everyone’s having fun dancing and jumping around to some good beats to warm up, and Samy (our hero!) is right there in the thick of it snapping away with his camera. All marshalls have been dropped off at their checkpoints and we’re waiting for the holy announcement “Attention to all course marshalls and group leaders. The road is closed, you may continue with your activities.” (Thanks Mihael, you legend!). The Bear is transformed into a workshop playground, toeside, heelside, foot brake and before we know it it’s time to break up for lunch down in the valley. Who’s veggie, who’s vegan, who eats just about anything? Are we having cake today? Keep calm amidst the general state of chaos. Take a deep breath aaaand up to the top of the hill again. Our jumping bundle of energy Sophie is waking up tired bones and achy muscles until everybody’s ready to skate. On today’s menu? Freeeeeride, baby! The hill is full of women wanting to apply their newly-learned skills on the track straightaway. How can I possibly put this amazing vibe into words? The power of dusting yourself off and getting up again. And again. And again. This overwhelming collective energy. This really heartfelt ambience around the camp fire in the evenings. And while I am typing this, I’m finding the answer to “So, how was your camp?” It was inspiring, exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. An amazing team effort. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to organise such a meaningful event, to have such a brilliant crew behind me. To share so many great memories with so many wonderful women. Yesterday I was talking to Pat from Skatehousemedia, who was one of the many volunteers to help us and whom we cannot thank enough, and I said “when we had to say goodbye it was as if I had to release my children into the big wild world. Every single one of them will take something with them and something in their lives is going to change, no matter how small.” Thank you!

Sami Caniteni

This is Sami, the legendary Swiss bus driver. You can see he is pretty happy!

If you are a lady who likes to skate downhill, whatever your ability – you need to be at this event next year. We hope it happens again!

All photos by Petra Moser.