How to get free stickers


Every now and then we get a bit of post through the letterbox here at Lush Longboards HQ that makes it all worthwhile. This morning we had this from a skater who shopped with us just before Christmas:

“Dear the team at Lush Longboards,

I am relatively new to the longboarding scene and acquired my second longboard recently at Christmas in order to learn more advanced tricks/skills that I was really struggling at on my cruiser deck. I bought a set of Cult Classics Wheels from you guys, and so far have really enjoyed them although the weather has been a bit bad recently. As a part of the order I was in awe to find that someone (who I would like to thank) had taken the time to write me an individual note. I would like to thank you for your amazing customer service as well as all the interetsing stuff on your blog/website including the very useful new trick tips section. I can’t wait until summer and the good weather to use my board all the time! Thank you!!”

Thanks for the kind words Alan, your stickers are in the post right now!!

Facebook is temporary, but letters are forever! We love reading your letters, if you’ve got something to say, put pen to paper and do it the old-fashioned way, we’ll send you some free stickers for your efforts.

Don’t forget the SASE!

Our address is:

Lush Longboards Ltd
Unit 6 Silverthorne Wharf
Silverthorne Way