In the spotlight: GT Race Gloves


Finally, after too many years of development, we are stoked to reveal the next level of slide glove – the Lush GT Race Gloves.


You might not know it but we were one of the very first longboard companies to offer a commercial slide glove, way back in 2003. Fed up with melting chopping board on the kitchen hob and sticking them to a pair of gardening gloves, we went out and developed the V1 Lush Slide Glove.  Described by Silverfish Longboarding as a “solid bomb proof robot-battle fist,” these gloves were revolutionary. Since then we have improved our gloves with almost every production run, and the new GT Race Gloves are the sum total of everything we have learnt along the way.


There’s a lot of skating miles behind these gloves. Because we have been making race-level gloves for such a long time, and we listen to what our riders want, some of the world’s fastest racers choose our gloves over everyone else’s.


Sebastian Hertler shredding Kozakov 2015 with proto GT Race Gloves.

Sebastian Hertler and Rebekka Gemperle are two such racers. To compete and win at an international level, these two need equipment they can trust – especially when it’s all that keeps the palm of your hand off the road at 60mph. We have taken their feedback alongside many other skaters on the Lush Team,  combined with our own advanced manufacturing knowledge and materials choice, and used it all to create our strongest, most comfortable, longest-lasting gloves yet.


Rebekka Gemperle was the fastest woman on a skateboard in the world in 2012, rocking Lush Race Gloves. Now she skates the GT for everything!


The Lush GT Race Gloves have a lot of details that make them the greatest slide gloves going. The two main design considerations are Protection and Comfort.


  • The “black bits” of the glove – fingertips, thumbs, grip and wrist – are made from Buffalo Hide. It’s the first time we’ve used this stuff, and it’s at the heart of what makes these gloves so good. Super abrasion resistant, it keeps going where other inferior leathers, duct tape, rubber, composites and even kevlar fail.
  • The rest of the glove is made from the same leather as our previous Race Gloves – it’s strong enough for a tough glove, but light and flexible enough for a close fit. We have included knuckle protection under the leather, so if you do go down at speed, you have some protection where you need it most.
  • We have made sure that the wrist tab is low profile so that it fits with your race leathers. It’s still just big enough at the base of the wrist to protect you, though.
  • We use COATS thread throughout the glove to keep everything together. COATS have been making thread since 1755, they know what they are doing and we trust their thread to do it’s job. Many critical areas of the gloves are triple stitched, with less-critical section using a double or single stitch.
  • We also use real, actual, genuine, legit Velcro – not a knockoff from another brand. We’ve found over the years that you can’t beat the original stuff for holding your pucks on.
  • Slide gloves not only need to be strong – they also need to be comfortable. To achieve this we have added a breathable back, and a padded palm insert between your hand and the puck. Everyone who tries these gloves is stoked on that padded palm… get some and you will see why!

All these little details add up to create a glove that stands head-and-shoulders above everything else out there. The GT Race Gloves are expensive – but not when you consider that they will outlast most other slide gloves by two, three or even four times. Lush Team Riders would typically go through two to five sets of the old Deluxe Race Gloves a year – a single set of these should be enough for a whole race season.

You can buy Lush GT Race Gloves direct from us or from your favourite skate shop. If you want the best longboard slide glove available, look no further!