Lush Deluxe Race Gloves revamp


We have recently been tweaking our Deluxe Race Gloves again…

We have been making Slide Gloves for a decade now. We have some of the world’s fastest and most progressive longboarders riding these gloves and giving us feedback – they have also been scoring a LOT of podiums across Europe recently! We tweak our gloves with almost every production run. The most recent changes are:

Actual Real-Life Branded Velcro on the pucks and gloves – loosing pucks is not cool, this helps keep them where they should be.

Super Strong Coats Thread throughout the glove stitching. Coats have been going since 1755 and know a thing or two about strong stitching… The latest Lush Race Gloves are stronger than ever.

Watch this space for some additions to our Glove team!