Matt and Nick in Barcelona


Long-time Lush friends Nick Channon and Matt Pearce just got back from a sliding trip to Bareclona – here is Matt’s version of events. Video coming soon! (We just saw a sneak peak… it’s going to be worth the wait.)

Words by Matt Pearce, all photos by Charlie Barnard.

Probably the greatest slide hilll in the world… the scene of many Lush trips… Epic.

“I think this was my 6th trip to Barcelona to slide some dusty side streets. Not only is it a mecca for street skaters with a stair set and perfect granite ledge around every corner, but the steep, smooth slopes of Montjuic rise right out of the city centre. If you ever get bored of them, you can take a short ride on the air conditioned Metro to the hills that stretch away to the north. This all makes it pretty damn good for downhill skaters as well.

Nick Channon, with the mind-bending manoeuvre known as a “flat spin”…

The plan for the four days was to slide, film some footage and make an edit with Mr Nick ‘flatspin’ Channon. The four days were spent sliding hills in the morning and then hitting the beach in the afternoon. The air was 35 degrees, the water was 21 degrees and rogue salesman were selling ice cold Majitos right on the beach. Life was sweet. Until…

…We wiped 2 days worth of footage! Don’t ask how. Suffice to say that Go Pros are complicated when you don’t have the instruction manual, you have been skating for 3 hours, run out of food and water and can’t land the trick you want to get!


So footage gone, we had one evening left to get everything we needed. Turns out this was the motivation we needed and a completely mental session ensued. Empty hill, sun setting, spins and laybacks all over the place. At times there were tourists lining the road with their cameras out as we pulled slides around the coaches and scooters.

Not sure how many rotations Matt is doing here…

Footage in the can and completely exhausted we headed back into town to take part in the festivities that were kicking off for San Juan. San Juan is basically a reason to party until 6 am and let fireworks off in the street…a crazy end to an eventful trip.

You will actually be able to buy this deck soon… two years in the making, the Spacebyrds are finally coming!

Footage to follow, when I can download some editing software!”