Skate Solo, Skate Safe


These are weird times we live in right now.

Here in the UK, as across much of Europe and the rest of the world, we’re in a government enforced “lockdown.” We’re not supposed to leave home unless we have to, to buy essentials or exercise for a little while each day.

The sun is finally shining after one of the wettest winters on record, the clocks go back next weekend… like many of you reading this blog, we’re itching to get out and skate.

Well, the good news for us at least is – we can! At the moment, we’re all allowed out for a short period of exercise each day. But before you grab your board, there’s a couple of things we wanted to share with you.

Skate Solo.

It is vital that we all do our part to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is highly contagious and the best way we can stop our health services being overwhelmed is to avoid close social contact.

If you’re on your board, it’s easy to have fun, relax and keep yourself and those around you safe. The streets are relatively deserted right now, especially in the evenings. A mellow cruise around your city will do wonders for your mind!

Skate Safe.

As tempting as it may be to hit your local empty skatepark, or bomb the suddenly traffic-free hill you’ve always dreamed of, imagine how you’re going to feel if you mess up and end up in hospital.

Imagine how sympathetic the overstretched doctors and nurses who will be fixing you up are going to be.

Getting injured goes hand in hand with pushing your limits. So we ask everyone tempted to go out for a quick roll over the next few months – TAKE IT EASY.

We’re not skating hills, skateparks or street until this is over. Even if you see yourself as a super-competent skater, remember that stupid little accidents are often the worst, and frankly, the risk right now just isn’t worth it.

This is a great chance to rediscover the simpler side of skateboarding and longboarding. Grab your board, grab a bag with a beer/camera/book in it, and go for a roll. You’ll be amazed what you might find…

#skatesolo #skatesafe