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Tags: Bipo

Bipo’s Machine 3D Bacon Dance


Bipo has been on the Barcelona scene for an age… he now works at Inercia and runs LongSchool, passing on his skate wisdom to freshies in need. Bipo skates the Machine 3D. Edit shot by Ricard Tena of Espagueti film. Be sure to check out Bipo’s site at! Started in 2013, they run longboard lessons in Bareclona. Catering.. Read More

Bipos sticker slap attack vol 2


Team rider Bipo loves skating his Grifter3d , freerides,  and sticker slapping. So when you combine all three you get a very happy Bipo.  Check his latest edit to see what we mean.

Bipo test drives the Grifter 3D


Here is a sweet edit shot by Spanish team rider Bipo on his Grifter 3D. You can see clearly on this edit how much he loves this deck and just why he thinks it’s his perfect weapon of choice. Bipo recently was injured at the IDFSalzadella race where he broke his wrist in a couple of.. Read More

Chopper 3D with Bipo


So the new Chopper 3D is released later this month. In anticipation we thought we would treat you to this edit with Bipo. He explains how and why he loves this new quiver killer. Look out for it in your local skateshop in the next couple of weeks!

Pato Time


This is Bipo, having a damn good time on his Burner! Cheers to Arki for driving!

Just another day at home


How fun does this hill look??? One of Bipo’s local spots, he has it dialled with spotters and a van just up ahead making sure he knows what is coming up. Skate safe! Big thanks to Inercia for this edit.

Slide Jam Matadepera


Big congrats to our man in Spain Bipo. He just took the top spot on the podium at the Matadepera slide jam on his new Burner.  In true Bipo style he wasted no time in grabbing a beer to celebrate. Good work bro. Thanks to Roger Criado for the podium shot.        

Welcome to Lush – Alfred ‘Bipo’ Cano


For the first time in a long time, we have a Spainish member of the Lush Crew! Bipo hails from Barcelona, he is an awesome dude with an infectious smile and unrivaled passion for skating. When he’s not working his dayjob at Inercia Skate Shop, he’s teaching groms how to skate the right way at.. Read More

Spacebyrd on Earth


Bipo from Spain with some techsliding on the Spacebyrd Night!