Welcome to the Team – Gerhard Nel


Here’s Gerhard, the newest member of the Lush family and our representative in South Africa, the aptly nicknamed “Steezepony,” likes to core wheels, and wishes he had Albatross wings.

Anton Joubert photo


>If you were a wheel, what size, colour and duro would you be?
A 74mm Cult Mystothane Wheel in the Death Ray Shape, 78a, with leopard print.

>What was the last book you didn’t read?
Some fancy Noam Chomsky to-do about understanding power. It’s good to strategically place the book around the house to impress visitor’s, though.

>What’s the best ginger/blonde put down you’ve ever received?
Well i’m not really a ginger-blonde, but had some horrid pick-up lines….Walked up to a girl in a club with a roll of toilet paper under my arm, asking for directions to the toilet. She made a snide remark about my shirt and attempted to chase me out the club.

>What’s in the quiver?
Loving the Shocker at the moment, and there’s an Antuna on the way… the Shocker is sick – short wheelbase and standup slides with feet above the wheels. Epic. but im very interested in the rockered boards!

>Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had road rash?
In my soul

>What did you do last Saturday night?
Partook in some psilocybin ritual, with very loud music and neon pictures of war-like women and men with trees for feet.

>A pet hate of yours is:
Eating steak with a breadknife

Anton Joubert photo

>A guilty pleasure of yours is:
Drunken theft and general sabotage

>You have a Delorean and one return trip to the future or the past. Where do you go and what do you do?
Some island near Africa, with more hairpins than straights and tar as black as lucifer’s eyes…

>Describe your life to date in one word:

>An excuse you often use is:
Its Paul’s fault

>If you could change one thing about yourself – what would it be?
I badly want albatross wings

>Tell us something surprising about yourself.
Got a really big head. Could never wear hats as a kid.