WLC 2013 aka le rain à la française – Womens Longboard Camp 2013


We hooked up the Women’s Longboard Camp with a ton of test boards this year… here’s a write up of what went down from our good friend Christine Maier. Photos by Petra Moser!

Most people associate France with good wine, cheese and the Eiffel tower. After this year’s women’s longboard camps, I for one now associate the Vosges region with R-A-I-N, and lots of it. Surely it can’t be bucketing it down for an entire fortnight? Oh boy, it can…apart from a couple of dryish afternoons, that was it, heavy rain day in, day out. The five-strong UK squad joining us for the second week remained pretty unfazed and they acclimatized quickly, no surprises there 😉

Our main Mr. Motivator Alex soon came up with the camp motto We don’t care about the stress, we don’t give a shit about the weather, we love what we do and we do it together! This year’s crew was absolutely amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better team, much laughter, silliness and fond memories from heavy metal dish washing to story telling during course marshaling breaks with Jay over walkie talkie…WLC 2013 had it all, including snowfall on the last day. Waking up to the sounds of rain every day, determinedly putting on wet and clammy gear day in day out, using & abusing our lovely Lush test boards, wading through the mud, making rain ponchos out of bin bags, showering in detention facilities for young male delinquents, spiking your breakfast tea with Schnaps, party time ALSACE DOWNHILL style, campfires, speed tuck games.

Christine Maier

This is skateboarding – the weather is what it is, and you gotta do with what you have, it’s the very nature of any outdoor sport. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you’re from – this is the essence of skateboarding. To witness a group of women of all ages and nationalities, spanning three generations and from all walks of life bond over skateboarding and also to see how quickly progress can be achieved under the right circumstances was so inspiring – this is what motivates us to keep doing it.

Big thank you to everybody involved, see you next year, keep your eyes peeled for exciting developments!