Fee’s Hälden Rennen Report


As promised – here is Fee’s version of the German Chamionships that went down this weekend in Hälden Rennen.

Perhaps you might remember, in 2005 and 2006 there was the legendary Heldenrennen race, which was the German Championship. So when it got to my ears that a 2012 Heldenrennen should take place, uhhh my heart jumped! The 1.5 km long route is special for Racing. The little road is damn tight and the highlight a delicious S-Combi halfway down. The first day was Friday, we definitely skated alot with almost 20 Freerides. And Yes damn the Schnaps was easy, who can resist already by fire, many friends and a bag full of Twostripe liquor? Thanks Stefan and Maatz for the hangover on Saturday!

Freeride Friday! Patrick Labitzke photo!

On Saturday there were Qualifiquation Heats, I am actually a true Freeride-advocate it`s no secret! But with the Qualifiquation Heats-system I must say, raceeeee… again and again gladly!

Qualis – another European race with a Race To Qualify system… gotta be the future! Fee out in front for this one. Alexander Klöber photo!

Sunday morning there was an opportunity for the skaters who didn`t make the cut for a last chance race to qualify.

How was the weather? The sky has definitely poured about us. In the timetable next… the juniors, we girls and the Buttis (Buttboarders). The first Warmup run was completely slippery and after some nice words finally the good Eimer (race director) gave us a second Warmup-run. The Heldenrennen track is very tight with four in one heat in the rain.

Eyes on the apex… Sven von Schlachta photo!

I am mega flashed and stoked, 11 of 12 girls started in the total rain. Hands up for that!!! Up to the semifinal even everything was reasonably safe.
But then one of the Ladies crashed into me, and the same happened to Glori Fiziert in the hot S-Combi.

The final run with Anni Li, Tina Zobel and Glori Kupsch and a nice half wet road. It’s hard to estimate how much grip actually already there is.

Wet racing – Eric Duminil photo!

In the long right sweeper finally I had space for passing Glori, sadly the braking zone which was still wet. I was much too fast and crashed and thus gave Glori the chance to overtake me. The final run was definitely the hottest run on the whole weekend with pain from my fall, but Hey it has worth it!! Dudes I love skating and I love my Machine and I am happy like a sow looking forward to the next Weeks…shut up and skate! – Fee

There’s the few legend on that uplift bus… pulling stupid faces… – Patrick Labitzke photo!


Downhill Skateboard:

1.Platz: Sebastian Hertler
2.Platz: Olli Dehmel
3.Platz: Stehphan Kolpatzik
4.Platz: Leon Ritter


1.Platz: Gloria Kupsch
2.Platz: Fee Bücheler
3.Platz: Anni Lindenmaier
4.Platz: Tina Zobel


1.Platz: Lucas Übelhör
2.Platz: Jan Dederer
3.Platz: Lenny Gires
4.Platz: Philipp Schickor


1.Platz: Eugen Forschner
2.Platz: Joachim Lang
3.Platz: Chris Schütz
4.Platz: Renè Marx

Fee with 2nd on the podium! Markus Hensinger photo!