Nico Brunet Tie Dye Special


Nico was shredding hard at the Yzeron Freeride recently… We collared him long enough for a quickfire Q&A, too. Thanks to Sebastien Maspero for the skate photos!

Name: Nicolas Brunet

Country: France

Originally from: Reims (51)

Living Now: Montélier (Drome 26)

Years longboarding: 6 Years skating.

Sponsors: VANDEM. Cult Wheels, Sabre Trucks, Lush Longboards. DROME TEAM

Favourite Lush boards? Machine, Steezestoker

Current setup? Just got a Stezestoker, with Sabre 190 and Classic cult!

Chosen terrian? FDH !

Best Skate Events? URAR event (Saint-Mury, old wild Valdrôme)

Worst Injuries? Two Dislocated Shoulders (now is like new with surgery)

Plans for the future? Ride and ride, and I would like to have my longboard ditribution in France (For VANDEM and DROME TEAM)

You ideal day consists of… Get up at 7 O’clock, big sun, good road, and ride all the day, with a good lunch pause, ride again, and when the night is comming, good party with friend and some Chartreuse yea yea !!

Your inner skate animal is: Hum I think… A Pingus!! I don’t know why ! haha