Pinnacle and Freeryder


If you have been following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will have seen two boards from our new lineup appearing in the last week – the Freeryder and the Pinnacle.

The Freeryder is a pretty wild symmetrical freeride shape from using our rocker concave, CNC machine and a huge wheelbase adjustability to produce a powerslide/freeride monster!

Lush Longboards Freeryder Freerider

Lush Longboards Freeryder

Lush Longboards Freeryder

This thing is definitely one of the crazier shapes we’ve ever done in our 10+ years of shaping, but it really works… we’ve been loving the our prototypes so far.

The Pinnacle is a slightly more “conventional” wide-tailed freeride/DH deck, again with Rocker, CNC wheel wells and an optional tail via an adjustable wheelbase.

Lush Longboards Pinnacle

Long Wheelbase with no tail for speed…

Short Wheelbase with a tail for ollies!

Lush Longboards Pinnacle

Think of it as halfway between a Machine and an Antuna… perfect for freeride and sliding, but also capable of some mountains if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in some!

Coming in time for Christmas… watch this space!